Charity Becker

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Charity is one heck of a coach.  She is our ‘go to’ coach internally when we need to shift a mindset fast.  Our clients give unsolicited feedback about her impact, support and stretch – every time. When training leaders to coach, her ability to draw real world examples of where coaches get stuck, and unstuck, and her comfort with working with process as well as content, mean every audience gets a tailored experience every time.

She is a sought after mentor by some of Australia’s best coaches, and offers real value in post workshop support for leader as coach training.   Charity brings a unique blend of attributes to every assignment including her innate curiosity, in-depth behavioural based change and other accreditations, an instinct for the perfect killer question and a thirst for driving “change that sticks”.

Internal Coaching panels often need attention to maintain quality, value for money and continued alignment with the culture. Charity also has expertise in reviewing panels, offering feedback to executive coaches and generating a sound coaching panel strategy – there aren’t many people in Australia who have that under their belt.

Charity’s wicked sense of humour may be due to her ridiculously early morning wake up time – we think it’s made her quite mad, actually.

“Charity is simply one of the most talented coaches I have ever worked with—and you need to be a great coach to supervise and coach other coaches! Charity has an uncanny ability to take you as a coach to the heart of the matter, in a considered, compassionate and ultimately expert manner. If you want your coaching to move to the next level and beyond, I cannot recommend Charity more highly” Mel Trask, Executive HR Professional and IECL Accredited Coach 

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