Fiona Lee

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Fiona is a grounded, direct, heart based coach and facilitator who elicits pragmatic solutions to “unsolvable” team issues with ease and a sense of humour. Backed by years of experience within corporate teams, combined with her work in London and Australia on groundbreaking culture transformation for teams, Fiona offers a very different twist on change and team dynamics.

In our team, we call Fiona “the alchemist” because she has an uncanny knack of moving the team dynamic and her coaching clients to a new place – and she makes it seem effortless. Fiona also works on our corporate retreats with Sonia, creating a nurturing and thought provoking space where the corporate warrior can recharge and rejuvenate.

“Fiona is an inspirational and transformational coach, therapist and mentor to connect with when you know something needs to shift. She will powerfully yet gracefully help you clear the crud clouding your view forward and open new doorways of insight and possibility for you to access consciously and move through!” Sandy Humby, Psychotherapist

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