Greg Collier

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We love Greg’s personal commitment to getting the best out of every session, every design, every conversation, every time.

Greg has racked up a unique blend of senior leadership experience and a couple of decades at the front of room. A naturally engaging storyteller, Greg’s approach captivates teams from the first moment as he blends humour with pragmatic, business relevant examples (and the occasional “dad joke” – we’ve decided it’s endearing).

His broad range of international, corporate and community engagements bring insight and results. Greg is equally at home in a suit coaching the executive team, as he is in his footy gear mentoring local stars. He brings his passion for creating lasting culture change across communities by working with individual choices and potential.

Greg has led design and delivery for training and culture change projects in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific Region. He has managed the Global Training Delivery Team for one of Australia’s largest companies, and has supported CEO’s, Commissioners, Management Boards, Senior Executive Teams, Managers, Frontline Staff, Graduates, Sporting Clubs, Community Groups.

A super star in team dynamics, change, culture, leadership and sales effectiveness.  Did we mention he also has 5 kids?!  – that explains all the dad jokes.

“Greg has worked very successfully with teams I have led for many years on leadership and cultural change. He is a masterful and talented facilitator who manages to connect with all individuals and teams to achieve the growth and success necessary in the required situation. He adapts his approach to suit the group dynamic and thereby achieves maximum impact and success. His approach of seeking a detailed brief and clarity on desired outcomes allows him to craft the right approach and ensure the outcome is of the highest quality, whilst challenging each group positively in the process”  John Velegrinis CEO, Australian Scholarships Group

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