Greg O’Meara

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It’s a rare thing, to be able to stretch people to see beyond the limits of their comfort zone, and to manage resistance with ease but that’s what you get with Greg’s facilitation and coaching.

Having worked at senior levels extensively including many high pressure “must get this right” events, Greg’s easy going nature and humor is balanced with his cutting edge team dynamics and transformation approaches that always achieve outstanding results.

Internationally experienced across Asia, Pacific, Europe and US, Greg brings a wealth of experience, real life business case studies and an understanding of emerging corporate trends and approaches to learning and culture.  Managing a crowd of hundreds, leading high tech international hook-ups, or chairing more intimate gatherings of leaders or boards, Greg does it all with ease.

Greg is also a seriously awesome musician (…and if you look closely you may find he looks familiar – but we aren’t allowed to tell you why you think that….)

“Greg is our facilitator of choice for key CEO events at ANZ including the Executive Leadership Team off-sites, and the Global Senior Management Conferences for the top 600 Leaders. His engaging style and focused approach ensures that the desired outcomes are always achieved.”  Danielle Entwistle Events & Communications Manager, Office of the CEO ANZ

 “Greg is a fantastic facilitator and worked with my team so that we can move forward as a cohesive team in a positive and supportive manner. The change in my team was astounding and when they came back to work, everyone wanted to know what had happened as the difference was so noticeable.” Miriam Silva Commercial Opera0ons General Manager – Elders

The journey starts today.

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