Robert Meredith

By Jayne Bailey

Robert is our quintessential English gent who seamlessly blends the personal with the commercial.  He is our master of well-being, focused on what promotes it, what undermines it and how we can make the most of what we have in body, mind and spirit to be a truly ‘Well Being’.  

Starting the early part of his global facilitation career with McKinsey, Robert has built extensive experience in C Suite and senior team facilitation and coaching.  Notably Robert was on the team that developed and delivered the highly successful Breakout Culture Change Program for ANZ Australia, Asia Pacific and New Zealand.  

Robert’s knack is for getting to the core of the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of any situation and moving rapidly to the ‘how to’ of changes and actions required to reach a desired outcome. For a deeper level of conversation with Robert, just ask him about the magic of the mind. We guarantee a witty and thought provoking conversation – he’s one of our favourite “over dinner” conversation buddies. He is innately curious about consciousness itself, not just what makes us tick, but also to consider how it is that we have any internal experience at all!

“Robert was a founder member of McKinsey’s Performance Leadership Institute. He was a lead facilitator and designer on Woodside’s Performance Leadership program which John Akehurst, the then CEO of Woodside, said was responsible for creating the mindset shifts and resilience to withstand a takeover attempt from Shell. Woodside Performance Manager, David Rowell, stated that the results of the program had “surpassed our expectations”. Charles Goode, one time Chairman of Woodside, was also Chairman of the ANZ bank. He was also impressed by what he was seeing at Woodside and spoke about it to John McFarlane, CEO of ANZ. The ANZ undertook a companywide transformation program called ‘Breakout’ on which Robert was also lead facilitator. ‘Breakout’ is generally regarded as one of the most successful cultural transformation programs ever to have run in Australia. Over the course of the program, ‘staff satisfaction’ went up from 49% to 85%, and ‘employee engagement’ reached 64% – making the ANZ workforce one of the most engaged of any large banking organisation”

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