Because tailored is always a better fit, all our workshops are made to measure.

Do you need to find a new performance edge?

Develop a strategy to supercharge your growth?

Identify a unifying sense of purpose to help accelerate team dynamics?

Whatever you goal is we can design a high impact offsite that creates tangible outcomes.

Delivered for smaller team units or larger groups up to 500 people. We promise you a day of interactive, hands on energy - tailored especially to your team's needs.

This program will inspire your team to build a depth of relationship with your customers at light speed - creating a foundation for your product or service to really excel!

Delivered as a series of 4 hour sessions, this program is perfect for graduates, high potential "Talent" and line leaders.

Underpinned by a personalised Emotional Intelligence Assessment which is presented in a personalised manual and explored in detail, these sessions develop practical leadership behaviours that endure and have impact.

This program trains leaders to deliver learning sessions directly to their teams which is not only more cost effective but also more "learning effective".

Teams are able to build skills and trust in their leaders as leaders grow in confidence and and put theory directly into practice.

This program is supported by an interactive online tool that connects leaders to support resources as well as serving as platform to share successes and learning with other participants.

Perfect for teams spread across diverse geographies, or the team looking for a more modern take on front line leadership.

Workshops for changemakers, and for those navigating its effects from within.

These customised workshops increase resilience, drop resistance, and ensure you get the ROI from your change program.. faster.

Learn how to apply practical tools and techniques to positively harness the impact change within teams or across an organisation.

A team program that moves teams towards a culture that invites greater performance, integrity and accountability.

Teams use their collective wisdom to interrogate current state and challenge popular hypothesis in order to redefine future success.

Designed to lift and shift leadership cultures to better meet the emerging needs of the business.

This workshop incorporates the latest in global leadership thinking, including positive psychology approaches, emotional intelligence, adaptive leadership, constructive conversations, and coaching framework.

Principles draw on work which was bench marked as "best practice” by John Kotter in 2010 and can be delivered with a personalised 360 degree feedback tool.

A practical, hands on applied leadership program that focuses on developing coaching skills within a leadership team.

Leadership teams that complete this workshop together not only develop their leadership capability but also experience greater accountability and knowledge sharing after the event.

To increase the relevance and narrow the gap between learning and application, each participant will work with “real life” scenarios.

This program benefits from ongoing coaching of participants as leaders learn through being coached themselves.

Drawing on cognitive psychology, positive psychology and Neurolinguistic programming techniques, this session uncover practices that will help teams to maintain resilience in the face of change or high pressure work environments such as call centres or help desks.

The workshop builds a toolkit for the team to engage in constructive conversations, understand and adopt a humanistic encouraging mindset, learn to affiliate through emotional intelligence techniques, and develop a personal achievement plan for their job role.

This highly experiential, hands on and business relevant program will be custom designed to specifically address the skill gaps needed by your teams in their current and emerging roles.

Drawing on the latest Harvard research, this workshop is about helping experienced leaders to find a new leadership edge.

It powerfully demonstrates that leadership is all about asking the right questions... and getting beyond the easy answers to in order to unlock new possibilities.

Definitely not for the first time leader.

Strategic Plans are only as good as the level of trust developed during their design – trust which is then required to harness peoples energy to achieve extraordinary outcomes. This principle underpins all our work with your team.

As we develop your strategy, we reinforce and generate a deeper understanding of what makes a team tick, and what it takes to create a team that is motivated to mobilise behind the strategy to create the desired outcome.

The journey starts today.

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